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Tony Layzell and his team have been in the television industry over fifty years.

They have created one of the most successful digital companies in the The North of England.

Dedicated professionalism and an outstanding level of customer service and after-care are key elements to the continued level of excellent service which Tony demands and expects from his company.

Having helped DIGITAL UK with the switch-over to digital in Whitehaven Tony now spends much of his time helping people in other areas switch to digital.

Tony Layzell works alongside all major building companies and national housing associations helping plan and install digital systems.

Tony also spends time helping other television companies repair and install various systems.

An integral part of running a successful company means having the professional knowledge to help others; this is something Tony Layzell and his engineers pride themselves on.

Tony Layzell can provide many services including;

Digital television aerial systems,

Digital satellite systems,



Multipoint systems and many others.

All these services are provided to domestic and commercial properties.


At DIGITAL TELEVISION SOLUTIONS we take Health & Safety as seriously, all of our engineers are permanent employees and not sub-contracted and we can therefore guarantee that their levels of Health and Safety training are up to date and checked against the latest guidelines.

All of our engineers have amassed years of experience and have worked in every type of construction environment from residential homes to large office blocks. In addition to this we ensure that our levels of public and employers liability also far exceed the minimum standards required.

Communal Systems Explained

The following section aims to explain some of the typical systems that we install for communal and commercial based systems.

Integrated Reception Systems (IRS)

About Integrated Reception Systems (IRS)
An Integrated Reception System (IRS) is in effect a MATV system that has been extended to carry satellite signals as well as analogue and DTT signals. It provides a greater choice for users but has a higher initial cost than a MATV system.

Satellites provide a greater capacity for signals. To avoid problems that would arise if the whole range of satellite signals were carried on a single cable, a quarter of the signals are carried on each of four parallel trunk cables. Terrestrial signals are carried on a fifth trunk. This type of system, commonly known as a “five-wire system”, is therefore quite complex.

Connecting to an IRS

In a typical IRS system, residents can connect their TV set or digital receiver to the socket outlet in their home, in the same way as with a MATV system, but they can also connect a satellite receiver. The receiver sends commands to a “multi-switch”, which connects it to the most appropriate of the four trunk cables, to deliver the desired signal. The terrestrial signals on the fifth wire are always sent to all users. Satellite signals use different frequencies from terrestrial signals, so it is possible to combine the two signals onto the single wire to the user without interference.

In smaller systems, only a single multi-switch is required, and it is usually located at roof level, close to the aerials feeding it. Larger systems can have single or multiple multi-switches, typically with 12 outputs each. Multiple multi-switches are connected to a common “backbone” of “trunk cables” that, in a tower block for example, may run through a central riser or be fixed to the outside of the building. Cost savings can be made by locating the multi-switches on each floor of the building, minimising the amount of cable required.

This process delivers satellite signals to receivers exactly as if they were connected directly to their own satellite dishes, so the user needs no special equipment. However, with only a single cable from the multi-switch to the outlet in each household, only one satellite receiver can be connected at any one time, otherwise a conflict between the commands sent by two different receivers would arise. Therefore the use of a personal video recorder (such as Sky+), designed to allow one programme to be watched while recording another, or use of two satellite-viewing TV sets in a household will require two separate feeds. Installing two separate feeds to each household, each feed occupying its own output on the multi-switch with a separate cable, can increase system costs, but it is becoming standard practice and the preferred option for residents.

Other Language Satellite Services

When there are many residents whose first language is not English, it is quite common to have additional dishes pointing at different satellites. For each additional satellite, a further four wires must be added to the system, and the number of connections to the multi-switch increased correspondingly. Nine-wire systems are quite commonly found, and even some 13-wire systems exist.

Other Services
When upgrading MATV systems to IRS, distribution cabling may have to be replaced. Both MATV and IRS systems can be enhanced to carry a range of other services, such as video from security cameras and door entry systems, and online services such as email, internet access and connection to e-government services.

Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV)

SMATV refers to a system which is designed to receive and distribute Satellite, TV and Radio programs to a single integrated signal. We install a satellite dish and TV antennae to receive the channels from satellite and aerial broadcast networks, these feed into some specialist electronic equipment which tunes in the channels and combines them into a single cable signal which allows for 5 - 40 channels to be broadcast to each television connected to the system. You can choose what channels you wish to broadcast and includes Free to Air or Subscription based ones, you can also distribute your own channels displaying relevant information to your business.

We have fitted many SMATV systems over the years, especially to our Hotel clients.

We have considerable experience in the design, installation and commissioning of MATV, SMATV, CATV, CCTV and Door entry systems.




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